Staff Profiles

Sandy Mitchell


Sandy started flying at Dyce in 1969 and has been an instructor since 1979. A long time aviation enthusiast and aircraft owner, now on his fifth logbook, he has flown worldwide with a major British airline and retired as a Boeing 747 Captain. Sandy is an Aero Medical, PPL/IR(R) and Flight RT Examiner. Sandy is Alexander Air's Accountable Manager and Head of Training.

Alex Guild


Alex started flying at university, logging 45 hours in Bulldogs. This was followed by a 17-year hiatus before he gained his FAA PPL while living in Houston, Texas. He then completed various fixed wing ratings before becoming an FAA instructor. On moving back to the UK in 2009, he then converted his FAA licences to EASA. Alex works in the oil industry by day but his real passion is flight instruction which explains why 2500 of his 3600 hours have been logged while instructing. Alex is also a FAA Certified Flying Instructor and an EASA PPL/IR(R) Examiner. Alex is Alexander Air's Safety and Compliance Manager.

Kate Irvine


Kate started flying at school whilst an Air Cadet - a mixture of powered flying and gliding. She became a Flight Staff Cadet at her local VGS (Volunteer Gliding School) until her university studies took priority. She returned to flying 16 years ago, and now holds a PPL, IR (Instrument Rating) and CRI (Class Rating Instructor) rating, she is also an AeroMedical Examiner.

Kate is available for checkouts, biennial flight reviews and recurrent training. She is too shy to have her picture on the website so we have included a picture of her Reims Rocket instead.