Q: Why choose Alexander Air?
A: We have very experienced instructors who will offer you a personal service. We aim to provide an aviation education - we don't just teach to the test. During your training you will experience a number of different airports including grass strips. You will also learn to fly in different weather conditions. All this will improve your safety and utility as a pilot.

Q: When are you open?
A: We are a part time flight school so we can work around your requirements. Generally, that means 0800-2200.

Q: What are the advantages of learning in Aberdeen?
A: Aberdeen gives you big airport experience which means that you will quickly become confident in operating around larger fixed wing aircraft and helicopter. You will also become very proficient on the radio. Your circuits (take off and landing practice) will be carried out at Longside and Perth which will allow you to gain experience at smaller airports too. Aberdeen is open 0600-2230 local. This means that evening flying - both summer and winter - is eminently practical.

Q: Isn't the weather in Aberdeen terrible?
A: Actually, it's quite the opposite. Aberdeen sits in the rain shadow of the Cairngorms which means that it enjoys quite a dry and often sunny climate. It's usually on the cool side but you can't have everything!

Q: What do I do if the weather is poor?
A: Flying in less than ideal weather is something that can ruin your day if you have not had good training in what to do and look out for. Although the weather in Aberdeen is generally good, it is also varied. This ensures that a pilot trained in Aberdeen has more experience with making good weather decisions than pilots trained elsewhere. It also means they can handle poorer weather conditions safely and without getting stressed out.

Q: Once I have my licence, can I rent from you?
A: Of course!

Q: How can I reduce the time it takes to get a licence?
A: Flying regularly: once a week is just fine. Keeping up with the ground school: this complements your flying. Look out the window and fly visually: it's not flight simulator

Q: Can I bring a friend along while I'm learning?
A: On certain lessons, yes. We can arrange these lessons to visit new airfields or to experience some of the fine scenery we enjoy in the NE.