Night rating

Night rating

Some of the most rewarding and spectacular flights are at night, especially when the light of a full moon displays the snow covered Scottish mountains or Aberdeen Harbour provides a blaze of artificial lighting. In practical terms, this rating can be readily utilised in those long winter months when daylight is scarce but nearby airports are open throughout the evening. For the privileges of a PPL or LAPL to be exercised at night, a Night Rating is required. This can be achieved during training for the PPL or post-PPL by completing five additional hours night flight time.

You may be a little apprehensive about night flying initially, but it is merely a matter of combining the techniques of visual & instrument flying, both of which you will already have learned. It is no more difficult than day flying and one of the easiest and most straight forward ratings to obtain - adding both safety and utility to your flying.


Five hours night flying

Three hours dual

One hour cross country navigation

Five solo take offs and full stop landings

There are no ground exams


Once granted, the qualification remains valid for the life of the licence.

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