PA28 and Cessna 172

£237.40 per hour solo
£273.40 per hour dual
*All prices include VAT and are charged take-off to touchdown plus 10 minutes
VAT registration number 321 9537 07

There is a £240 inc VAT annual membership fee for renters.

Landings at Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness are charged at the rates published by the airport concerned. Landings at any other airports must be paid direct to the airport by the renter.

For those wishing to do longer trips, half day hires will incur a minimum charge of 2 hours and full day hires will incur a minimum charge of 3 hours. If you refuel away from Aberdeen, fuel will be reimbursed up to the prevailing rate at Aberdeen. Any excess costs above that shall be paid by the renter.

Trial lessons are offered at £280.00 inc VAT for a 40 min flight.

A package covering the first 5 lessons plus Book 1 of the Air PIlot's Manual and a logbook is available for £1560.00 including VAT.

It's not possible to give an exact price for regular (non-trial) lessons. This is because the length of lessons varies depending on student aptitude and air traffic conditions.

Ground instruction is charged at £36 per hour including VAT

Cancellation policy - for reasons other than weather:

  • £36 inc VAT for cancellations within 7 days of the flight
  • £72 inc VAT for cancellations within 1 day of the flight

Invoices outstanding after 7 days will incur a late payment charge of £36 including VAT