The introduction of the Competency Based Modular Instrument Rating allows an alternative path to gaining a full ICAO compliant Instrument Rating for pilots who may have prior experience of IFR flying gained under either national or other ICAO licences or ratings. This rating opens the door to IFR touring, especially worthwhile with access to high performance aircraft.

To gain a CBIR, the candidate must have passed at least the CBIR theoretical knowledge examinations unless exempt, and to be in possession of a UK PPL or CPL licence with an appropriate class rating to which the Instrument Rating may be added. The CBIR gives the holder the privileges of the full Instrument Rating by day or night (provided a Night Rating is held).

The amount of training required to achieve the qualification will depend entirely upon the candidate's prior experience and qualifications. The course will begin with an assessment flight carried out to determine the phase of training at which the applicant will commence. Training will then be tailored to the candidate's specific requirements to prepare him to take the UK Instrument Rating Test.

We can conduct a CBIR training course on a full or part time basis to suit individual needs. We are also happy to give training and advice for conversion of an ICAO Instrument Rating where the applicant has logged at least 50 hours of IFR time as PIC and therefore requires no mandatory training before taking the Instrument Rating Test.

We're always happy to discuss individual needs, so please feel free to give us a call on 07729 776206 or 07985 039718.